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The Rapid Riparian Revegetation Approach
Ecological Restoration Vol. 32, No. 2, 2014

This paper reflects the work and experience of many individuals interacting over more than a decade. George Kral of Ash Creek Forest Management deserves particular acknowledgement for his far-reaching contributions to the advancement of riparian revegetation practices in the Pacific Northwest.

From Nursery to Natural Area: What it takes for 500,000 native plants to go into the ground
Metro’s Spring 2015 edition of Our Big Backyard

We’re filling in an understory of shrubs to create an oak woodland area,” said Simon Apostol, a field representative at Ash Creek Forest Management, the planting contractor working at the site. “Just preserving and protecting natural spaces is good but not enough. You have to manage the land as well. It’s a key component of environmental restoration.

What’s So Special About Tualatin River Prairies?
Tualatin Riverkeepers, 2014

Wet prairies along the Tualatin River are important for flood storage, biodiversity, and clean water. Tualatin Riverkeepers is working with local partners in agriculture to restore unproductive flood-prone farm land to native prairies. George Kral of Ash Creek Forest Management speaks on this topic.

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